Not designed to transport things but………………

14 Apr

cat close to steering wheeldresser in camper

On Sunday, we made a trip up to Chorley to pick up a “welsh dresser” with a difference. A very solid and heavy piece of furniture. We had measured it and decided that we could save quite a bit in delivery charges by popping it into the campervan. Made of sheesham (mango wood?) , it took four good men and a wobbly trolley to dig it out from the depths of “Bygone Times” and get it outside into the rain…….


dresser incamper 1dresser in camper 2

As you can see, once it was safely wedged on top of the timbers of the bed structure, there was not a lot of space left! The cushions, fortunately, are easily removed to prevent damage. We used the chromed table leg as a roller and to lift the front corner of the dresser above the plastic cover on the passenger seat belt. It was that close! The cab seats were both moved forward but we could just get in and safely drive.

old lady close to wheel Now, when I see someone too close to the wheel, I usually comment on  another ” window licker”. A description copied from two young friends of my son’s when he was young, I thought that it beautifully described this rather unsafe driving position. Anyway, for fifty miles or so, I was that window licker. (I did not actually, lick the glass, of course……..). We did get home safely, without being skinned by an air bag and with our local friends and Antique dealers to help, we got the dresser back indoors once more. Not what the Kamper is designed for but………

dresser 1 Don’t try this at home.




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