Success for NV200 based Campervans at this year’s Caravan Club Awards

4 Apr

Judged at the NEC recently, The Caravan Club ran it’s 2015 Motor Caravan Design Awards. Class 1 refers to Micro Motor Caravans. In my words “Campervans”. In first place, Class 1, the Hillside Leisure Dalbury E:-

dalbury e-nv200

Made by Hillside Leisure , based in Derby, this electric powered camper offers revolutionary camper-vanning if the range and method of use fits your leisure plans. I can certainly see a way of using this vehicle for very cheap, quiet and interesting touring. Stopping each night within the battery range and recharging via the campsite hook up, before setting off again. You could stretch the daily mileage by using the quick charge unit.

dalbury e instrumentsdalbury e control

In second place , yes ! another Hillside Leisure vehicle, the Dalbury Action. A conventionally powered version of the “E” seen above. The layout is similar to the classic VW style, side cupboard, roll over bed which is becoming the favourite of  NV200 converters

hillside-dalburydalbury action bed

dalbury action 1

In third place, the Lunar Vacanza Camper Car. From the Preston based caravan manufacturer, this novel campervan has a very useable rear kitchen layout. With the bed made up, you can still make a cuppa or use the porta potti at any time. Useful if it’s raining heavily or “muggers abound!” (We did, once, become surrounded by drug dealing vagabonds whilst “wild camping” near Orleans, France but that’s another story)

lunar vacanza camper carlunar kitchen

The Lunar’s front lounge utilizes the four ,forward facing seats with those in the cab swivelling to provide pic nic for four. (We have dined with 4 people in our Kamper most sussessfully with the host hopping about a bit to serve everyone but dining for 4 DOES work if you are organised. )

lunar loungelunar bed

The bed is inflatable and I bet it’s comfortable. There is an electric pump.  We have had many comfy nights on a good quality inflatable mattress in a tent whilst touring France by sportscar. Do you have to have the front doors open and stand outside to put the bed up though? There is a child roof bed too , so theoretically the Camper Car sleeps four.

The NV200 is without doubt, an excellent base for a campervan. It is good to see recognition from such a well respected organisation, The Caravan Club. There  are several other converters, producing superb versions of these small campervans. (I find the  “Micro” description a little too small, if you excuse my phrasing!) But credit where it’s due. Well done to Hillside especially. A pioneering move!

I would love to try out the Lunar bed and layout. A fresh approach. Without these innovations where would we be?


One Response to “Success for NV200 based Campervans at this year’s Caravan Club Awards”

  1. Martin mcdowall April 4, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    Like you Duncan, I don’t think the word micro does them justice. My Drivelodge Joey is on Ebay for sale and could have sold it but lady only had auto licence. She was amazed at how spacious it felt inside so I think, as you say, they are all campers, just different sizes for all manner of multi-tasking. Nice to see the nissan winning.

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