An informative Tour of Sussex Campervans, Horsham.

26 Mar

western diner

Got up quite early this morning to replace the Sat Nav. Must have been first through the door at Currys. Even though the route follows some of the London to Brighton route, we did not want to drive down to Sussex Campervans at Horsham without guidance from above. An £80 Garmin filled the gap in my life. We left  London as soon as we could but too late to make a morning visit to Polesden Lacey. We still got to Horsham in time for lunch. We chose a Western “Tex Mex” diner. It reminded me greatly of a little corrugated roof  Bar we used for a 3 week spell some three decades ago. Located at Englishtown, USAF base, New Jersey. The place was rough, tough and a bit of a man cave but served ice cold beer which kept us alive in that summer’s heatwave.

englishtown fleamarket NJ

I cut my teeth here driving a huge V8 Dodge Rental Truck , back and forth, filled with china pottery. The bar , like the Western Diner in Horsham was full of men wearing Cowboy hats. One place where you most certainly WILL NOT find any cowboys is at Sussex Campervans. 

sussex campervans

Based at Graylands Gateway, Langhurstwood Road, this company recently expanded and produces innovative and well thought out, campervan conversions. We viewed, Nissan NV200 versions, Vauxhall Vivaro variations as well as the ubiquitous VW models. All were very well finished, attractive and offered excellent value for money.

With a comprehensive range of textiles and colour combinations on offer, you are spoiled for choice as to whether you remain conservative or go funky with your décor and Pinterest palette.

There’s a lot of skill and  dedicated experience in evidence plus attention to detail and customer responsiveness.

We particularly liked the Vivaro Paradise Twin and Manhatton layouts. A beautifully lime green and very high spec , new version Vivaro definitely captured my imagination. Perhaps more importantly, my wife was also impressed. For her, the upholstery, trim and neat curtains stood out. see the photos below and make your own mind up. Visit their site here    A big thank you to Daniel and the team for the invitation!

sc vivarosc vivaro in bluesc nv200 onesc vwsc vivaro 1sc vw 2

You can read more about the Vivaro Sportive, built in Luton and supporting British Industry by clicking here  


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