Another trip to London

25 Mar


How things repeat themselves. In June 2013, around the 23rd, I wrote about transporting some IKEA furniture to a relative’s, in the unconverted van . I also wrote about the 7 inch screen sat nav I bought, to stand in for the NTec built in version which should have come from Nissan.

ikea drawerssat nav 7 inch screen

Well, we have just repeated the process, this time taking a wardrobe and two chest of drawers to North London. I found out that these are known as “dressers” in “American” which caused some confusion as an English dresser has a table top mirror or , can indeed, mean something else completely……

As we approached the City from the North, the sat nav started to warn me of low battery. The charger seemed to be malfunctioning. The maps were buried beneath mounds of Nordic timber products, so I was a bit alarmed at “human” navigating to the colder side of the River Thames! I had stashed away a multi-function emergency charger from Sainsbury’s petrol station. It did the trick, the new micro USB connecting like a space station power point. I was so pleased. Phew! We dropped off the furniture then cruised past the unexploded bomb site near to the Tower Bridge before heading south of the River for a joint Birthday party and new Baby celebration . A tiring but enjoyable trip in space-ship Dinkum.



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