Solar Eclipse, a sad turn of events and changing visit plans.

20 Mar

solar eclipse

I am always a little superstitious on days such as these. My children, who will never be “hippies” or “spiritual” in any way, think that I am a bit strange, to put it mildly! Today’s sad events, though have done little to dispel the myths concerning planetary interaction with wordly carriercat on a leash


One of the limiting factors which determine our Campervan breaks has been the nervous effects on our beloved pet cat. He can cope with 3 or 4 nights with a daily visit and chat with a kind friend and neighbour who tirelessly serves his catty requirements at home whilst we are away. One way around this is for my son to “cat and house sit” but it’s not always possible. So, we were planning (there’s that dreaded word again….) to train him to walk on a leash like the one shown above see  and to travel in a super hygienic cat carrier like this one above. Ours is a lovely blue and white. In the past “Edward Scissorhands” did have the odd day out with us in our Trigano Tribute. He did not relish the actual travel bit but quickly settled down to watch the birds in the hedges at Tittesworth reservoir near to Leek in the Staffordshire moorlands. For a cat, he behaves much more like a dog. He sticks right by you, both around the house and can watch me dig in the garden for hours. We were going to take him out with us and see if the low Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in the NV200 campervan could be tolerated and ultimately take him with us.

snip k and c mod 

Sadly yesterday morning we had to take him to the vets due to his subdued behaviour. He coped well with the trip and settled down both there and back. We were called back to the vets for urgent injections  and again he coped well. We thought that we were progressing towards a cat in a Kamper scenario following his recovery. It was not to be. This morning he was rushed back to the vets and placed in an oxygen “pod” to help him breathe. He passed away within the time it took the eclipse to pass over. As anyone who has been a pet owner will know this a devastating event. A sad day.

cat too much turkey

“The Bear”.  October 2009 to March 20th 2015


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