Changing your campervan or looking for one to buy?

18 Mar


We would find it difficult to love our Kamper more than we do already. Recently serviced for the season ahead, it’s ready for use. That does not stop us from keeping our eyes peeled for something else. Something different. More space perhaps? or an ingenious way of radically changing our view of what we want from a Kamper or Motorhome. Very shortly, we shall be visiting Sussex Campervans to satisfy our curiousity. For  a start, they have very recently provided an NV200 to a very pleasant Lady who has been in touch with us. She wanted 24 hour access to a Porta Potti , even with the bed made up,which is a very sensible option in my mind. She approached Sussex campervans and they have sorted it, along with other special requirements. Usually, we visit the NEC shows to keep informed of developments but we missed the last event. We also keep tabs of the pre-used market and often peruse ebay , Gumtree and Preloved to monitor all things Kamper. There is a Drivelodge , Citroen Berlingo conversion on ebay right now which is worth a look if you want something manageable and different  see    ????????????

Our Drivelodge conversion is an absolute Gem. As converters, Drivelodge do a great job. It’s always good to keep looking around though. Don’t you agree. 


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