Jeremy Clarkson and camping

14 Mar

topgear motorhome With Jeremy Clarkson in the news. I thought it topical to mention his involvement with caravans and motorhomes. I actually named a business I started “Top Gear”. It’s now defunct ,after a run of over 24 years. Hope that’s not an omen for BBC’s program. Reminding me very much of one of my fellow petrolhead , school chums “JPJ” ., I have to secretly admire JC’s forthright comments. Even though I disagree with some of what he says and does, it takes me back to an earlier (simpler? ) time. microlite balloon They made an example of the Freedom Microlite, actually a Predom N126 version but even that did not put me off. We still have one.They also raced another of my early passions, a Winniebago motorhome racing Their’s vs ours from ages back ????????????????????? I am ashamed to say, that I have been known to get a bit frisky and physical when cornered. My problem is small man syndrome. A response to bullies from childhood, perhaps? (Have you noticed how quiet a yapping ‘lil dawg goes if you let it OFF that protective lead………) What’s your excuse Jezza?

I do hope that we don’t lose Top Gear. A refreshing change from all the PC beige stuff being churned out elsewhere?

ps Jeremy did once say something like ” caravanners are the only people who take a c__p in their own wardrobe” . Naughty but funny. We do need to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

Comments welcomed.


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