An overview

10 Mar


Before we can head off to the Capital and combine a visit to Sussex Campervans, we are again carrying out some building work. Here’s a rare picture from on high of our family NV200s. I would much rather be in the Kamper watching the seabirds off Holyhead. As an aside, the policeman in that passing car is a fine footballer, I believe. The team manager was stood alongside me as I took the photo! This post is another diversion ,I a afraid, until we can get in the swing with our travels. We did go on a short trip to an Antiques fair near Stafford on Saturday and Sunday. Were  we were almost scammed? Read more below

isirdi homme au journalisirdi femme journal

At the Antiques Fair, we spotted two large, cheaply framed “paintings” , on sale for £375. In fairness the dealer claimed to know nothing about them. Strange, as they both were labelled as “Gerard Isirdi” with an address in South East France. When we researched on the internet, they were posters costing 55 euros each (£44 approx.) Real value about £120 the pair? Lovely images, I hope that you will agree. A fairly hefty margin though. Be careful out there!

see  The Kamper often doubles up as an Antiques “van”. It can also take vast amounts of rubbish and recycling to the tip. I use massive cotton dustsheets to protect the fittings and décor. It’s too useful to ignore.



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