It’s that time of year. Where do you want to go ?

28 Feb

angers evening

I am not absolutely certain but my hopes are, that Spring is in the air. On our walk, yesterday, we saw buds on the hawthorns and the sparrows (yes, they appear to be thriving once more!) were loudly chirping their enjoyment of the extra sunny days. So, putting aside our self induced workload, our thoughts are turning to where to go next. We act on impulse with these matters and at the moment, I feel drawn to our old favourite Camping du Lac de Maine in Angers, France. The 4 star campsite is within walking distance of the scene above. The walk takes you along the footpaths alongside the River Maine, across a bridge and you are there.

camping du lac two

I love the familiarity of the place. We have always found the energy to cycle there and come back fitter than when we arrived. We have met people from all over Europe there. A great place to start the year’s camping season. The site opens on the 25th March. My wife still wants to visit Scotland but our worries over her severe reaction to midge bites does put a dampener on it. There are ways round this, though and so we are not ruling out a trip to the North.

camping du lac

Straightaway, our thoughts turn to whether or not we take the caravan too? Do we travel solo with the bikes on the back rack and take the Tunnel awning? The benefits include faster travel, cheaper ferry and possibly reduced stress? When at Angers, in the past, we have usually NOT travelled out from there, using the site instead as a single resting place and not using the vehicle day to day, preferring to cycle to the hypermarket and into the city centre. I would not hesitate to leave the bikes there whilst visiting the Chateau or the markets. If the weather is on top form, the large awning would be ideal, coupled to the Kamper. We shall see. LOL

It’s an exciting time. Full of anticipation.



2 Responses to “It’s that time of year. Where do you want to go ?”

  1. Richard Hines July 31, 2015 at 3:38 pm #

    Love your blog!
    Could you tell me where I can get cab window covers for the NV200.

  2. Dinkum August 1, 2015 at 8:29 am #

    Hi Ricahrd, welcome and thanks for the comment. We have not been able to find ready made cab covers for the NV200 as yet. There are some Chinese made pleated blinds being made but when I tried to purchase a batch some time ago, the transaction failed to complete. There is a photo somewhere in the archives which I will post again very shortly. We made our own insulated internal covers from quality bubble wrap (usually found behind domestic radiators plus curtains with insulated linings for all the windows.

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