Another little diversion of interest?

24 Feb

sir clive sinclair C5

Are you old enough to remember the electric Sinclair C5? I was at University when it was released and I loved it but all my fellow Engineers saw it for what it was and declared it impractical. Pretty sure it was £399 at the time. Then this came along:

bmw c1 city

BMW’s C1 City. A petrol engine scooter with weather protection, seat belt and in my opinion a much better way forward. Well, we now have this about to be put into production:


From L.I.T., or LIT ,San Francisco, it’s an all electric blend of motorcycle and car. It uses Gyros to remain upright and aid steering. With lots of computer power to keep it safe. For anyone who has used a motorbike, they know that it’s narrow width will allow “filtering” through traffic jams. A 0 to 60 of 6 secs will allow for making “good progress” and a range of 200 miles or so makes sense. The safety and comfort of a car with the freedom of a motorbike? see a video of it here Pity it’s too heavy to hang off the back of the Kamper! Estimated price is $24,000  and you can pre-order now. It even looks pretty stable in a side impact RTA


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