Busy times and a flurry of input for the Blog

10 Feb

martin bambi
Martin and Libby, who are very regular contributors, sent a couple of pics of their Bambi (also see post below.) I must admit to having a fondness for the Bambi. I drove the Bedford base van at the Vauxhall test track at Luton in 1990, in the faster company of GSI Astras and a Lotus Carlton ( remember them? ) . I got laughed at by my more “macho” chums but I thoroughly enjoyed that little van and it’s easy handling style. Plus no one set a faster time in GSI Astra before I got pulled in by the Vauxhall safety car. Spoilsports!
martin bambi one
Martin and Libby also sent 3 pics of an NV200 campervan live from the Glasgow Caravan show but posting got delayed by our round trip to London. Apologies for the picture size but still noteworthy. Are they secretly thinking of changing to an NV200 themselves? LOLglasgow show nv200 one
glasgow show nv200 twoglasgow show nv200
Currently awaiting some photos from the Stantons of their brand new NV200 conversion mentioned in an earlier post. Really looking forward to these. I shall be posting very soon about the retrofit rear seats fitted to my brother’s NV200 works van. Not cheap but very effective


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