A January day visit to Church Stretton and a Burns Night supper??

24 Jan

church stretton four

Awoke to a bright but cool day this morning, so ,tempted by the blue skies , we headed off to Church Stretton in Shropshire. We arrived just right for a warming lunch and falling victim to temptation we had burger and chips for lunch. Well the weather was chilly and we did have salad with it. The wife even went Veggie with her burger. We then popped next door for a browse around the Antiques Emporium for an hour or two. Suitably relaxed and full of nostalgia (and burger !) we walked around the town ,taking in the sights and atmosphere. Delightful.
church stretton two

church stretton five

We picked some shopping at the CO-OP by the car park and headed home to allow time for our Burn’s Night celebration. Breaking with tradition to allow for a preferance not to eat tatties and neeps (shock horror on my part!) we are going for an all day Scottish breakfast. Bacon, egg, haggis and black pudding. Favourite blended Scotch at the ready. Naughty but nice?DCFC0006.JPG
Kamper is filthy dirty and so posted this pic of the cleaner version. Here’s that Haggis “Dinner”

burns dinner for twoscottish breakfast

It’s NOT a traditional Burn’s Dinner but as close to those wonderful breakfasts I used to get at The Crusoe Hotel in Fife. After a night listening to the sea pounding against the jetty walls, you were ready for a “full Scottish” and you were not disappointed. I broke the egg yokes but the Haggis was lovely, especially having not eaten any for ages. My other half is not too keen on Haggis but I recall that she often ate  “Black country faggots” from the midlands AND “savoury Duck” when we lived in the Potteries. Both of these culinary delights are very similar to Haggis. Raising a glass to “Rabbie”, Scotland and a year’s camper vanning to come. Cheers! ps Savoury Duck has no duck in it whatsoever. I could not find “square sausage”, that other well known Scottish delicacy. The best I had was following a yacht race against BP Exploration off Tabbert, North of Glasgow during a training excercise. We won, but only because we were down wind and we deduced that they could not hear us switching on the auxiliary motor!


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