It’s almost Burns Night once more.

21 Jan

burns night supper

I can hardly believe that another year has fled past. This Sunday, 25th January is the official observance of “Burns Night.” The great and well known Scottish poet and his works, sometimes quite bawdy ( read suggestive and potentially naughty) , are a superb excuse for celebrating with a Scottish themed supper. So far, our plans are not cast in stone. Regular readers wil know this, if you know “Dinkum”. However, with the weather as it is we are more likely to hold a supper somewhere more spacious but dare I say, just as atmospheric as the Kamper. Perhaps somewhere like this ?

cellar bar brandy cornercellar bar seven

Although this secret location has a strong French theme. On the night, which may be Saturday evening to allow visitors time to return to their “clans” around the country on Sunday, the brandy will be replaced by Scotch whisky (s). The plan has to develope fast , but we shall update as we go.

robbie burns

Not sure that my son will manage a Cullen Skink , fish soup starter but a properly prepared Haggis with a Whisky sauce…… who can resist it ? Must buy a Kindle version of Burns’ poems pretty sharpish and pick a real “rude” one to shock the gathering.


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