A Quiet News Day ( but with Loud Music if you are Adventurous!)

14 Jan

house of japan ny taxi

I thought that the introduction of NV200 Taxis to New York City was a done deal. Apparently not. It is from April 2015 when the real push to replace most of outgoing NY Taxis with specially prepared Nissan NV200. I have written about this topic before but spotted news releases from Nissan outlining the plan in more detail. Many of the cabs can carry wheelchairs. Something which the conventional but charismatic older American cabs sadly lack.
The first delivery of these wheelchair friendly versions is on it’s way to New York see http://www.nwitimes.com/business/local/braunability-filliing-big-nyc-order/article_46f49d08-8602-53e8-a357-5fb1b8c7766f.html and from Nissan http://nissannews.com/en-US/nissan/usa/channels/us-united-states-nissan-cv-nv200-taxi/releases/new-york-city-sets-start-date-of-april-20-for-taxi-of-tomorrow-with-nissan?la=1

Now , a close friend and neighbour is a Taxi driver (that’s the link…….) and he is the very proud grandfather of 17 years old musician Finn Chilton who does the vocals and plays guitar in the “hardcore rock/punk” band STRAINS.
They were recently referred to as The Band to Watch in 2015 by New Noise Magazine. So, on a completely different Note ( Geddit……??? Note.) click on this link and be amongst the first to hear this talented and creative band. I think that they will have a remarkable future. see http://newnoisemagazine.com/strains-may-be-2015-best-new-band/


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