A bit of a Spring clean

3 Jan

canned food

We were making a longer than usual motorway trip and I had noticed the fuel consumption on our last London trip had dropped to about 49 mpg. I checked the tyre pressures. All OK. So I removed the clear plastic box of tinned food which we keep under the bed seat to reduce weight a little. Oh dear ! I found a couple of items out of date. Now usually, I don’t take much notice of use by dates. If food looks OK, smells OK and tastes OK then in my book it’s probably OK. I then had a look in the caravan cupboard. Being a bit of a pessimist at times, I am also a bit of a survivalist ( that’s optimistic right? I see a future even after the disaster.) and so we keep quite a stock of foods in the little mobile “cave”.Again, some of it was out of date or near to it. Some tinned sprouts and lovely little carrots and peas from our last trip to France. The French can lots of interesting stuff. I once bought a whole canned chicken that was so tender you could eat the bones! Also we bought some corner shop canned food near Bergerac which was labelled by ordinary local people using their meat, pate , vege etc but canned by the shop owner. The labels were so ornately written that I could not make out what was in them. I took pot luck and got some quail in a fabulous sauce. Some meaty pate with herbs and a mixed game “block”. Scrummy!
We also keep a few small bottles of red wine and usually some small bottles of sparkling wine such as Cava, Prosecco and Champers for our close friends “Bubbles” and “Stoddy” in case they trek out with us for a picnic.

mini sparkling wine
Now these items never get the chance to go off! Easy to dispose of. I drink ’em even if they are on the turn.LOL
The other thing about camper vans and caravans is the build up of what seems to be the content of Christmas crackers. You know, all those bottle openers, mini playing cards, dice, whistles, mini torches and misc “junk”. Are you like me , unable to throw any of this ……. stuff away?
misc items


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