Do you ever use the Dartford Crossing?

21 Dec

I cleaned the Kamper today to get ready for a quick visit to London. Did you know that from the end of November, you no longer pay at the time consuming kiosks at the Dartford crossing on the M25 to the North East of London? You now use an online, telephone, postal (!) or open an account to pay. Either in advance or by midnight of the following day of crossing. You get picked up by registration number cameras. If you do not pay on time, the fine starts at £70. Perhaps at midnight your vehicle turns into a pumpkin?
bastille day paris
So if you are heading off to Dover ,Paris and beyond or indeed coming North from the continent, then best pay in advance for the cheapest rate. You can pay at a Payzone point in loads of shops etc but if like me you forget, as I did with the congestion charge….. pay up that £70 fine. go to for more information. You do not get charged for a trailer/caravan but call charges can be as high as 40p per minute to the 0300 telephone connection on some mobiles. For our many foreign readers, you use the bridge heading south and one of the twin tunnels heading north. Charges apply in each direction.


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