We were reminded this week why we prefer a campervan holiday

20 Dec

Early this week, my son jetted off to North America for Christmas with his lovely American girlfriend. Or at least they tried to. Following a delay at the airport the plane departed but soon hit problems with cabin pressurisation or rather the lack of. Consequently the plane had to divert back to the UK. Firstly, however, it had to burn up the full fuel load aboard. That took five hours of low level circling above the ocean. Eventually safely back on terra firma ( it’s near London!) and following more delays and much queueing , they were put up in a hotel overnight for another attempt at crossing the Atlantic the following day
emigration aircraft
Now, we have had several pleasant, delay free flights over the years but I have also had many problematic journeys by air. Probably more than statistically likely but then I did travel a lot on business during the winter period. In contrast, touch wood, we had far more pleasant and trouble free trips by motorhome, caravan and campervan. Indeed, when we did once hit a huge tailback on the A55 North Wales coast road, we managed to pop onto a layby, set up motorhome for relaxing and enjoyed a leisurely lunch and used the bathroom facilities etc etc before rejoining the traffic when it again got moving. Totally refreshed and ready for more adventure. Is it just me who cannot take the queueing, the waiting around and the “crowdiness” of airports? Camper vans. You just have to love ’em!


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