Internet access in the Kamper and customer service

20 Nov

Some years ago, I used one of these with my laptop for mobile internet access. It was useful, whilst on holiday to find out opening times of leisure destinations and the like. It did take several attempts to close the account and a lot of frustration.
My current (LOL) mobile phone is an ancient Nokia which has withstood “Time Team” type conditions and has been invaluable for it’s basic durability and economy. I have just been given one of these ,above. A very generous gift which gives us the internet access we desire whilst out and about.
o2 cat
Orange failed completely when I ordered a new micro-SIM for my new phone. Three weeks (!) on and several phone calls later, it still has not arrived. So, when I had an offer from Talk Talk to add a mobile to my “package” I jumped at their very good offer and it’s going through.But a subsequent offer from them to reduce my recently increased package costs and give me more of a TV “bundle” etc etc made me wonder if I should have been more “dog” and tried 02 or others! I started a call with Talk Talk with a high opinion of them and ended it with a strong feeling of having been given the hard sell. We shall see.
Remember to never use your phone whilst driving. Don’t end up like this fella. Seems a lot of trouble to load a van with the contents of that bedroom. Thanks to Daily Mail for the pic
van crash

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