Craven Arms, Shropshire. Land of Lost Content (Museum)

17 Nov

Had a wet drive out to Craven Arms today. Despite the terrible conditions we had little drama until we reached Church Stretton (which is fast becoming one of our more frequent ports of call). A low loader HGV had broken down right across the main exit from the village onto the A49 Shrewsbury road at the busiest traffic lights in the area. There were blue lights everywhere and manual traffic control was keeping things moving.
We had an early lunch at a great cafe in Market Street, Craven Arms then went into the Land of Lost Content (National Museum of British Popular Culture) just over the road.
It was a bizarre experience. Bombarded by multiple exhibits dating from Victorian to present times, we found our minds almost overwhelmed by long lost memories of items from our childhood and earlier times. Stella and her husband have done a great job in preserving so many items for everyone to examine and enjoy. We stayed for ages, lost in our nostalgia. When we came out, the weather had turned so cold that we actually boosted the van’s cab heater with our gas fired propex blower! It soon got too hot and by the time we returned to a now traffic jam free Church Stretton we exited a very cosy , greenhouse of a campervan!

television display


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