Annoyed tonight by a TV presenter’s comments.

4 Nov

henry cole

The gentleman pictured above is Henry Cole. Tonight I watched with great interest and pleasure as he tours Australia on a KTM as part of his TV series “The World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides.” At first I was absolutely captivated by the 110km long “Shell” beach, made up of just bi-valve shellfish shell remains. The result of very salty sea water only allowing this one culture to dominate the sea bed. I was also impressed with the history of 20,000 years of aboriginal co-existence in the surrounding deserts.
Having been a motorcyclist myself and having ridden pretty long distances in bad conditions, I felt some tangible link with Henry and his adventures.
BUT, when at ” Monkey Mia” resort, Henry commented on the differing strata of people staying there, it just made me a bit annoyed. Henry pointed out the holiday apartment blocks saying that “the well to do ones stayed there” and “the LESS FORTUNATE in their camper vans” with “backpackers in tents.”
Come on, Henry, I thought that you were a “true biker”. Please don’t put people down. I hope that you were dehydrated and not thinking straight or perhaps just churned out some verbal bias from an unthinking script writer.
Disappointed in you Henry.


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