An urgent trip to London. A Bavarian Projekt NV 200 Evalia.

12 Oct

campvan eu

Bernd contacted the site and I was directed to his website showing their NV Evalia campvan see . It’s an attractive looking vehicle which can be fitted with a variety of functional utility packages to produce a very different camping car.Well worth a look! Thanks Bernd.

We were called down to London with an urgent(ish) family health issue. One of those days when you know you should not hurry but you still do out of concern.But we started off with a surprise on the motorway

hole in motorway
This hole was not the surprise. I was hoping to show the dash cam video but we lost the footage……. oh poo. We had gone down the south bound side of the M6 Toll to escape the crowds but as we approached the toll booths near to Rugeley/Lichfield (?) coming towards us in the wrong direction down the slip road to the booths was an older Mercedes Benz with two people on board. We flashed our lights and gave frantic arm signals for them to turn around. In my mirrors I saw the car execute a very slow and dangerous “U” turn, hairpin left onto the carriageway. The traffic was moving at a full 70 mph. The idiot was lucky not to get kill himself and others. This was early afternoon on Thursday 9th October. A new low in my driving experience.
The Kamper coped very well with the high cross winds and with a round trip driving at 70 mph where safe and possible, we achieved 46 mpg including a lot of stop/start congestion on South Circular and M25.
thurrock services

On the return trip with the family panic over, we popped into Thurrock Services on the M25 for a comfort break. Getting back out onto the motorway was a much lengthier process. Who in God’s name designed the access roundabout? It is genuinely appallingly bad ! It took 30 to 35 minutes to exit the services. The continuous stream of cars into the adjacent Retail Park just prevents access onto the roundabout.I shall avoid Thurrock services like the plague in future. It would have actually been quicker to pull off the motorway , find a stopping place , drawer the curtains and use our on-board porta potti. I am amazed that the London taxpayers put up with this atrocity


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