A little information about the blog

27 Sep

bel ami VW
What are people viewing on the blog? Most popular is the comparisons of the VW variants with the NV200
nissan nv200 dimensions
Next is the information about swivel seats for the NV200??????????????????????
capital seating universal swivel base
KDR seat rails for for and aft adjustment
The best numbers of viewings we have seen is one viewing each 3 1/2 minutes over a 24 hour period. The site is hosted by wordpress.com and in this format is free of charge. People also often view the pages about the blog and about the writer, Dinkum.world flags
Viewers are from all over the world. This is perhaps the most surprising things for me. There is a clear time zone viewing pattern. For example, overnight (in UK) we get a lot of clicks from USA. The NV200 is very popular indeed in many countries. From our own experience , with the almost daily use of Dinkum’s Kamper on the roads of the U.k., we are seeing a growing number of converted NV200s. WE WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS ! THANKS !


2 Responses to “A little information about the blog”

  1. Marco Giustini October 3, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    Hi Dinkum, I’m on the way to buy an Evalia to camperize it. May you help me about the seats transformable to bed, you installed? May you say me where to buy them?

    • Dinkum October 3, 2014 at 8:31 pm #

      Marco, welcome. see the post above for NV200 help on beds, seats and conversions

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