Lake Vyrnwy . What better way to spend a sunny Tuesday

10 Sep

On the spur of the moment we decided to take our bikes to Lake Vyrnwy for the day. It’s a bit of trek for “just” a cycle ride but it is really worth making the effort. I could not initially find the keys to the bike rack or the chain locks but eventually we set off in the Kamper in bright sunshine, which was to last the entire day.
In the early afternoon, with no breeze to speak of, we gently joined the other dozen or so people cycling around the entire Lake. It’s about 10 to 12 miles in all.Cool in the shade from the trees, particularly on the side opposite the grand Hotel Spa complex but extremely pleasant.It was very quiet and every now and then as we progressed on our travels, the waterfalls could be clearly heard above the purr of rotating bike chain and high pressure cycle tyres on tarmac. Until !!!!!………………..

With a huge roll of thunder, a Eurofighter Typhoon screamed down the valley. Flicked instantly onto a wing tip and shreaked up and over (just !) the hilltop above the village end. Incredible piece of kit.The skill of the guys (and gals?) flying these spaceships can only be applauded.

Shortly afterwards another jet repeated the whole show but we could not see it through the foresty. I am pretty sure that we also saw an Apache helicopter but could not swear to it. I really would not care to be on the receiving end of these machines. Thank goodness that we have them in these strange political times.


Back to the cycling. We had a fabulous tour around the lake. A healthy tuna sandwich in the Kamper , lots of exercise and fresh air. We didn’t leave until about 5 pm and it was still warm and sunny. We returned through Shawbury visiting relatives who were caravanning there. A fish supper for dinner on a moonlight layby in the kamper, on the final stretch, polished the day off. We had to get home to “service” our pussycat, otherwise we could have had a boozy night at the caravan site. Another super day out.

To see a short video showing my trusty lightweight ,20 year old, all aluminium, classic (?) “Top Bike” and my wife’s rather stylish lady’s shopper, parked up by Dinkum’s Kamper at the Lakeisde.     Cut and paste or click for Vimeo  link                                                      Both bikes were brought back seperately from French holidays. They were both from Carrefour supermarkets. I am on my 3rd set of tyres. It has done big miles along canal towpaths, circuit after circuit of Lac de Maine, Angers and mile after mile in the St Austell valley and Padstow section of the Camel Trail. 


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