A repair completed and an emotional day

6 Sep

nv200 interior mirror mount

The picture above shows the interior mirror mount for an NV200. If you look carefully you will see that it is designed to detach when struck from within the cab so that you do as little damage to your self as possible.
Even so, when I leaned across the cab to return the exterior mirror, on the passenger door,to it’s correct position and then bashed the interior mirror with my right elbow, I was a bit surprised to see the mirror fall off in slo-mo style to my shout of noooooooooooooooooo……. Like that moment in “Full Metal Jacket.”
I repaired the tear off section with Epoxy resin twin syringe type. A bargain £2.99p from our local parts shop.I managed to stick a penny (used as a spacer for the repair) to the plastic assembly but luckily it did pull off in order to refit the mirror. Left it the full 16 hours to set and the job looks a good one.Not sure what a replacement bracket costs but at least it’s fixed for the moment

emigration aircraft
emigrating to australia

The emotional bit ? Well , following completion of this minor repair, we threw a Pub Lunch for our elderly friends and their available family, who emigrate tomorrow to Australia. Now, Alan is in his 80’s and his darling wife not far behind in years. I love his stories of Vulcan bomber maintenance. He wrote love letters from within the bomb bay to his then girlfriend.  He also witnessed the tragic crash at the end of the record breaking flight of a Vulcan to New Zealand and back. It was also witnessed by our Queen (I believe at Heathrow). He lost friends  aboard the stricken plane.  see  http://youtu.be/CQzklZdhpjw He also used to sneak off his RAF base to see his love (now his wife) on a trusty DOT 2 stroke Villiers motorcycle, which he hid under a tarpaulin in a the yard of a local public house. Technically AWOL methinks but I don’ think he will be extradited after so many years. It’s a brave and bold move, typical of their generation. They will be missed dearly but may the power of Skype be with you old mate. Here’s to a safe journey. Kisses to Alwyn xxxx

May be we shall take up the chance to tour Oz by motor home? All the reasons for it are there now.


One Response to “A repair completed and an emotional day”

  1. Martin mcdowall September 6, 2014 at 9:20 pm #

    Hello Duncan, have just attended the Scottish air show in ayr today and the highlight was the Vulcan bomber flying across ayr beach at its maximum flight envelope. Really really breath taking and the 30,000 crowd were silent as it soared across the Atlantic Ocean and soared across the sun line to the beautiful isle of Arran at its maximum flight envelope. It was awesome………! The static air show is tomorrow at glasgow prestwick airport.

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