A bit of movement in the NV200 camper van market

30 Aug


Fellow Drivelodge owners, Martin and Libby have sent in a couple of pics of a Lunar Vacanza seen today at Loch Lomond. In response here is a pic of Dinkum’s Kamper at the Lakeside in the Goyt Valley in the peak district above Buxton. I am having problems downloading and saving pictures attached to emails at present.So cannot publish their pics at the moment.This new laptop ( yes……. another one!) runs windows 8 and has a mind of it’s own. 
I am awaiting reports from a Blog reader who has recently bought a Vacanza at a super discounted price. Looking forward to getting some feedback on actually owning and using one.
In the meantime here is a pretty decent buy if you are in the market for an NV200 based campervan http://www.qualitycarsuk.co.uk/used-cars/nissan-nv200-motorhome-1-5dci-preston-201408056354238 I have no connection with the sellers, at all, so buyer beware, but it does look to be nicely done conversion and the price is not too shabby either.


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