A trip to London, then Little Moreton Hall in Cheshire

21 Aug

cutty sark

Back to the Blog. Recently returned from a 5 day trip to London.Visited the Cutty Sark at Greenwich on a showery Sunday. A lovely museum Ship , now restored after the horrendous fire. I have been drinking tea ever since the visit. It is a great advert for Britain’s favourite beverage!

nv200 taxi near westminster

This picture shows an NV200 taxi near Westminster. We drove down effortlessly via Earls Court and Battersea Bridge, crossing the Thames at about 3.30pm with little congestion. We did however get “road raged” by a very large gentleman in an equally large 4 x 4. He was in a big hurry on the South Circular Road and overtook on a right hand junction, horn blarring and obviously angry over very little. He actually stopped and blocked the road for a moment.
Takes all sorts………. In my experience, NOT typical for a London visit.

cat wallpaper stripping

On a much lighter note, we spent almost 3 days stripping wallpaper from a bedroom wall at my daughter’s and son in law’s house. Did not have a cat to help us, but this picture is cute. Managed to get one coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and we left with it looking sharp and clean, ready for the grandaughter’s forthcoming arrival.

meantime brewery

Had a super barbeque with all our close family on Saturday (wonderful!) then before closely inspecting the Cutty Sark (above) we had a scrumptious lunch at the Meantime Cafe and Brewery very close by in Greenwich. My Son is a budding prefessional brewer and he and his beautiful American girlfriend ordered a “flight” of beers to taste. All four beers were special. Highly recommended for both food and drink. But how do these kids stay so slim????
Altogether a super trip. Helped out the kids a little and got to enjoy the Kamper for another four or five hundred miles again. It swallowed birthday presents, loads of shopping, tools and textiles with ease. Love it !


After such a busy long weekend and a morning looking around a cottage for restoration (it’s a non starter, sadly) we headed off to Little Moreton Hall with our dear friends, Stoddy and Bubbles. A relaxing and fun day out (not in the Kamper…….. what horror!). We rejoined the National Trust and the fine gentleman who took my money asked if Stoddy and I were a male couple.My wife found this incredibly funny but then she can be a bit “non-PC”. A lovely late lunch and a Tudor afternoon with Baldrick jokes (see Rowan Atkinson “Black Adder”). Well the talented Tony Robinson made them seem extremely funny! Another great place to visit.


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