Loton Park Hillclimb Saturday 9th August 2014

10 Aug


A friend and I visited Loton Park Hillclimb at Alberbury on the B4393 Shrewsbury to Welshpool road. Our “Local” hillclimb venue.There were TVRs aplenty. A rally car section plus some classics , single seaters and misc other ” lovely bits of kit !”
The event was won by the chief instructor at Loton in an extremely well driven MK II Escort rally car. My favourite was a short wheel base Audi Quattro Rally car. It reminded me of another of my loves: Michelle Mouton !
A zcars 240bhp Honda R type engined Mini. Once the married couple sort the handling it should get quicker and quicker. Please loan it to me for a thrash round……..
A nicely turned out Vauxhall Corsa engined classic Mini clubman. There was also a neatly driven Peugeot 106. Well done lads!DCFC0042.JPG
A spin at Triangle
Porsche 914 in the procession back to paddock
had a lovely lunch in Dinkum’s Kamper with a small glass of wine. Altogether a much better experience than our poor visit to Prescott Hill Climb.To be frank, I am still a little annoyed with the treatment as paying spectators,we recieved from a few individuals from the Bugatti Owners Club. Faciilities for spectators seemed far better at Loton Park for camper vans, caravans and motorhomes particularly. The tracks were much much better , being stoned and not mainly grass. Yet the reviews at Prescott do seem very strong

A Ford Anglia returns to a friendly paddock. An MGB roadster was having the cylinder head refurbed between runs.Most memorable runs on the day for me? : Watching lots of TVRs having flats put on their front tyres braking for triangle. That Mk II Escort. An aggressively driven Davrian….. oh yes ! A well handled MGA and a lovely Austin Healey 100. Yet another superb day out in the camper van. Staying overnight next time !


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