Noise Vibration and Harshness

9 Jul


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We ran the tyres in yesterday. After having the tracking checked and reset for a significant £47 we had a lovely day delivering birthday presents with a late evening visit to IKEA thrown in.
The Kumho tyres from Hot Hatch Corner are without doubt much quieter than the previous set. There was less “bump/thump” over road deformities too.
My wife noticed the reduction in tyre roar and commented that the wind noise from the mirrors and door seals (?) was the main source of noise following the tyre change. Overall it made for a much quieter and restful drive. The roof strengthening , internal body felting and campervan trim all help reduce travel noise and it’s now a very pleasant experience indeed. Not that it was too noisy before but now even better!

NVH or Noise , vibration and harshness is a complex engineering subject which is often used in the context of vehicle travelling experience. Noise comes from the engine, the wind shear, tyre roar and chassis/body shake, rattle and roll. The less NVH., the less tiresome the trip. The more luxurious the experience.
Tyres are now rated under Europian rules with regards to wet grip, noise generation and fuel economy
Example below


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