Disaster avoided. Just ! Tyres renewed

7 Jul

kumho tyres
In the last couple of days, I noticed that the front tyres would spin up on damp , uphill starts. Worse, I noticed a hot rubber odour when we pulled up after a short, low speed journey. I immediately checked the tyres and pressures and topped up just one rear tyre. The front tyres were getting close to the depth marker so today I had them professionally checked out.
Hot Hatch Corner confirmed that the 2 front tyres needed replacing. One rear was OK but the other near the legal limit. With a possible two to three thousand mile continental trip looming, I had all four replaced.
wheel alignment
When the tyres were removed it became obvious that one front had a small patch down to the wire casing !!!!!! I often check the treads and pressures , so I must have been repeatedly unlucky when stopping with the patch out of view. I felt very neglectful and embarrassed.
For a little more comfort we swapped the 205/40’s for 205/45 aspect R17 XL rubber. On the way home, the ride was a little more comfy and less tyre noise. Running them in for 100 miles at maximum of 50 mph and will see if this first impression bears out.
It’s booked in for a full, four wheel alignment check tomorrow! The first set did 9,460 miles.


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