A Summary at 8 months

30 Jun

It’s almost exactly eight months since we picked up our converted camper van from Drivelodge. I am posting a selection of pictures below to save scrolling through the archives



4 Responses to “A Summary at 8 months”

  1. Martin mcdowall June 30, 2014 at 6:07 pm #

    I like your swivel seats and table Duncan. Would like them in beryl. Nevada looking tip top though. We have been looking at the fiat dobla xl cargo high roof van. Libby could park it in her private car parking space at work and metal high roof would be great in winter. Cheers to you both.

  2. olliebobs July 31, 2014 at 6:13 am #

    Hi – looking for swivel seats for our nv200. Wondering if the lift and swivel Zooom ones are good as they look a bit fiddly in the video I’ve seen. Wouldn’t want to find myself unable to turn the driver seat round when it’s time to drive off! What kind are yours?

    • Dinkum August 1, 2014 at 8:23 am #

      Our swivel seat runners and slides were modified by Drivelodge. The upper part of the centre console has been removed to allow clearance when swivelling. Also the handbrake has been modified for clearance.
      It is not too difficult to buy and modify rails and universal swivel plate but welding/cutting/drilling will be needed. The mods to the console and handbrake is more difficult.
      Although the Zooom items are expensive, they are TUV approved and do not appear to require console or handbrake mods.
      I originally thought that with the different thickness rails and universal swivel plates available on ebay, that you could clear the handbrake and console. I think it would raise the seat base cushion by about 60mm.
      Not certain that you could retain comfort/ergonomics.
      Swivel seats are the key to making a compact camper van function properly in practice. I personnaly would buy from Zooom or check with Drivelodge to see if they would do the work for you.
      For just 2 people , just a swivel passenger seat is a viable, cheaper option. Hope this helps!

      • olliebobs August 3, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

        That’s really helpful. I will opt for Zooom as they are much more expensive bu need no modification so almost certainly will work out cheaper.
        Many thanks 🙂

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