Some friendly encouragement

2 Jun

drivelodge work in progress twodrivelodge work in progress

See comment in the post below from Pete. Welcome back Pete. Good to hear that you are putting your van to good use ! I have republished the photos above as encouragement for you. Pics show work in progress at Drivelodge during conversion late last summer.
Some things to watch out for in the NV200. I spotted most of these points when I made original scale drawings (unpublished on here) right at the start of Dinkum’s Kamper
* The width of washbasin and hob units means slightly deeper worktops are necessary than the depth of the cupboards below. This allows for a decent width bed alongside the lower cupboard sides.
* Allow space behind the driver’s seat for it to swivel sufficiently and for storage behind the seat when facing forward.
* Drivelodge discovered that some of the Waeco compressor fridges are too deep to fit within the cupboards.
* Standard VW cupboards are a little too deep (worktop width) to fit without modification but it may be possible to adjust cheaper VW kits to fit.
* Try to fit the rock and roll bed well back to give plenty of legroom alongside the sliding door.
* I went for all 12v capability on all kit for “use anywhere”. LED lights reduce drain on the battery.
* Following good advice from Drivelodge (they have loads of experience!) we left out a wardrobe as it reduced window space. I think it gives a more spacious appearance and feel without a wardrobe.
* If you have not yet fitted extra glass. Consider windows with built in blinds. Custom Camp use some of these. Much neater than curtains but cost more.
Please feel free to ask any questions and we will help if we can


One Response to “Some friendly encouragement”

  1. Dinkum June 6, 2014 at 5:08 am #

    Drivelodge, by the way, worked just from a very basic sketch of a desired outlay. Drivelodge made it all fit together and function. David is a very talented and experienced campervan Creator. I would not want to detract from what they produced. This conversion is brilliant !

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