Another convert to campervanning

27 May

vw t4 campervan

Spotted an old friend today whilst driving past his house near our former home. Pulled up for a catch up chat. He had recently bought a 5 cylinder , VW T4 in white. It had fixed roof, rock and roll bed and side cupboard conversion in a similar layout to Dinkum’s Kamper. The units were nicely finished in white. Two captain’s chairs in the cab with armrests. Looked very smart on new 5 spoke alloys. It looked a bit like the one in the photo above. Different colour and shorter wheelbase. I will try to get some photos from him to post on here.
The last time we spent any amount of time together was at his wedding, which was a fabulous event. Prior to that we had ridden our motorbikes to the Bol D’Or , 24 hours motorcycle race when it was held for the last time at Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France in September 1998. It was a life changing trip for me. I quit a very good job shortly afterwards and altered my career path for the better. You may read more of this later this year. If you do, it will mean that you have bought one of Dinkum’s first book releases. Hope that you are tempted!
My mate is making more changes to his campervan which I hope to show on the blog.


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