Visitors to this Blog. Thank you!

12 May

QR Code for Blog
The Dinkum’s Kamper blog is getting lots of visitors. The best yet has been an average of 1 viewing every 3 minutes over a rolling 24 hour period.
I have added two QR code stickers to the Kamper to assist passersby to visit the Blog. It will be interesting to see just how effective these will be. The Kamper looks as if it has just received discreet tattoos!
A QR or Quick Response code is a 2 dimensional matrix barcode which can be used to identify anything from a car part or to direct people to a website (as in our case). It can be used by people with suitable phones to take a picture then use the image to open the website.
If we can increase the visitor numbers just a little more, we can put into place the planned changes and improve the content on offer.
Thanks to all visitors ! Past and present. Please feel free to comment
Is your flag shown below? Do you have NV200 Campervans in your country? Please send a picture
world flags


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