Next short visits using the Kamper

4 May


Today there is a Classic Car Show at Arley Hall, near Northwich. Hoping to set off to have a look. Particularly interested in seeing any Triumph TR6 s. My chum is selling a recently restored car from California which has been converted to right hand drive. Oh dear, petrol head is reforming as we speak. Relive your youth anyone?
la-vie-en-bleu-2013la vie en bleu can can dancers
There is a fabulous racing car event coming up at The Prescott Hill Climb, Gotherington (near Tewkesbury) at the home of the Bugatti Owners Club. It is “La Vie en Bleu”, a celebration of the French historic racing colour (Blue) plus all things French. Should be camping to allow us to set up a “base” on circuit for our friends to join us on the Sunday (May 25th). Sorting out the details at present.
There is also a Hillclimb at LotoN Park, near Shrewsbury on May 18th and another at Shelsey Walsh on the 11th May. If you spot us out and about in the Kamper, please make yourself known to us. I will let you have a quick viewing, grumpiness allowing !

UPDATE: Ordered the tickets for the whole weekend at Prescott plus two tickets for close friends for the Sunday. We should be camping in the Orchard area , usually reserved for competitors. Should be a good weekend and substitute for not going to Le Mans 24 hours, as hoped previously. A good warm up for Cornwall and then The Tour de France


One Response to “Next short visits using the Kamper”

  1. Dinkum May 5, 2014 at 2:18 pm #

    Really enjoyed the visit to Arley Hall Classic Motor Show. Met some lovely people from the TR Club and got some valuable advice on the TR6. We shall definitely revisit the Hall itself. It got a little chilly, so we had a sandwich and hot drink in the Kamper. Heating the kettle was enough to make it very cosy. Saw an immaculate classic white/orange VW camper. Truly beautiful bit of kit.

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