A failed video tour and hence some interior photos

25 Apr


The Kamper was very clean yesterday following the first service and the weather beautifully sunny around early teatime. I took the opportunity to film the forecast video tour. I planned to film a daytime layout and then a night time view with the bed made up. I put the roof up, positioned the kamper for 360 degree access to all doors and popped outside with the video camera.
Two delightful ladies were passing by and seeing the roof up, realised that it was indeed a camper van. A few questions ensued and they enjoyed a guided tour. We chatted for some time. Mother and daughter, they had owned a VW camper bus previously. They shared their memories and compared our modern vehicle with their obviously much loved VW which was badly missed. The big draw seemed to be the daily usability of Dinkum’s Kamper as a sole vehicle.
The chat extended to cover the Microlite caravan, then teatime called and they were gone.
I returned to my planned video production (LOL) and……. the battery was flat as a roadkill wabbit! I now need a replacement battery as it has died. I took some photos (seen here) and dropped the roof.
Pictures show the swivelled seats and I hope the significant space available for lounging.
Daniel at Sussex campervans makes his video tours look sooooooo easy! Kudos to you Daniel!



2 Responses to “A failed video tour and hence some interior photos”

  1. Bill November 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm #

    Where did u buy the table

    • Dinkum November 3, 2017 at 7:12 pm #

      The table and leg were supplied with the camper van by Drivelodge, the convertor. But I think that the leg is FIAMMA. They certainly make a fold up triple leg stand which takes a pole type support. Hope that this helps.

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