Caravan waxed and bikes trial-fitted on the carrier.

18 Apr


Cleaned all the algae and road dirt from the caravan then painstakingly waxed the whole lot, including the roof. Should be set up now for the whole summer. Glassfibre responds well to wax. It makes it much easier to wash and prevents a lot of the streaks forming.
Then decided to make sure that my wife’s new French bike from Carrefour would fit onto the towball mounted carrying rack. Sorted ! We are now set to head off almost anywhere.
We cannot take the bikes if we tow the caravan unless we find a different rack. Still got to decide if we are keeping this particular caravan first before we commit to another rack. Great for day trips out cycling with perhaps an overnighter (or two ! or three) at our favourite cycle paths.
Going away for Kamper van break very soon. Saw about 8 to 10 lovely VW buses and campervans convoy past on the route to mid-Wales today whilst fitting the bikes. They seemed to have a VW Touareg 4 x 4 as backup. My favourite was a lovely left hand drive Westfalia (?) version . Immaculate in a lovely green colour. Everyone in the whole convoy was smiling.vw westy
Were you in that convoy? Please comment below. We would love to know where you were headed.
We will have to use the trailer board when carrying the bikes. The tail lights and number plate are obscured and we do not want to get any points on our driving licences


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