A little more preparation for the year’s travel

6 Apr

Our little caravan is currently covered with a light dusting of Saharan sand, blown North in recent weather conditions. This sand contamination is not something new. In my handful of decades of sweet life, I have seen this at least once per decade. The caravan needs a spring clean before we head off in search of sun, exercise and fun.
It was, of course winterised in a clean state and it’s fibreglass body is frequently waxed including the roof which is no easy task. Although in good condition, ideally it would look great with a respray in Nissan White to match Dinkum’s Kamper. Regular readers will know that the caravan has a shower room and toilet which I converted to a wet room so that we can stay on Caravan Club Cert ified Locations (CL’s) where there are little or no facilities.
I searched the internet recently for “all things Freedom caravans” and came across this picture below of a cleverly resprayed Microlite. The sculptured body panels have been painted black to look like much larger window areas which transforms the caravan’s appearance. I love this look. What do you think ? Please comment.
Plus, what a fabulous, customised VW crew cab pick up ! It makes me want to take up surfing again but with my belly, even a belly board would take up too much fibreglass! LOL (secretly shedding a private tear for lost physique…………)

freedom microlite le with respray

Is this vw /caravan combo cool? or is it COOL?
Now, here is a cool kamper:DCFC0052.JPG


2 Responses to “A little more preparation for the year’s travel”

  1. Martin McDowell April 6, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    We have all grown into someone else Duncan. Waist and age the same size….. This is on my new I pad apple air thingy so I hope you can hear me ok, lol. Wee freedom looks good on the photo. We had several and wish we had another as Beryl is not so good in Scottish winters. Yes the freedom and prime mover look good to me but more for a younger man….. Still trying to get the hang of this so wil go now…… Cheers from Bonnie Scotland to you and Pam. Happy caracamping………!

  2. Martin April 6, 2014 at 7:41 pm #

    Freedom looks good Duncan.

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