A day out in The Peak District

5 Apr


Had a lovely day out today to Buxton Pavillion. Another Antiques search for my wife. The weather was dreadful on the road between Leek (in the Staffordshire Moorlands) and Buxton. Very low cloud and extremely poor visibility. We saw far too many drivers not using headlights, let alone foglights. The silver grey vehicles in particular, being very difficult to see until the last few metres or so. Apparently Silver grey is the most popular “colour” for cars. They blend in wonderfully to foggy damp asphalt and no horizon conditions. Should we introduce IQ tests alongside the driving test ? I wonder……..
Had a very pleasant couple of hours at the Antiques Fair, then a coffee in town before heading up to the Goyt Valley and the reservoirs off the Whaley Bridge road , high above Buxton town. We parked up for a sandwich and a read of the newspapers and the sun popped out for a short while. Saw some mountain bikers and some road race cyclists having great fun. Just off the far shore there were a dozen or so kayakers braving the chill. Then as I was photographing the Kamper, one of two yachts turned over and the rescue inflatable attended. You can see the incident in the above picture, directly in line with the centre of the campervan, high up in the image. It was soon back in action, circling the Lake.


The drive home up through the Valley is narrow, twisting and has some unguarded drops on the passenger side. Once marshalled on a 12 car road rally here in the early 1970’s. Now it’s a great place to view wildlife or watch crazy teenagers jump off one of the bridges (against all bylaws of course !) into the waters. Well worth a visit if you like rambling, cycling or just for a picnic. Not quite Loch Lomond but still beautiful to experience.
Almost forgot. On the way down from the Whaley Bridge road to the dam, a hare ran across our path. It looked fresh and full of life. Spring is upon us!


2 Responses to “A day out in The Peak District”

  1. stefaan April 5, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    I love your post,i am always folowing you 😉

    • Dinkum April 5, 2014 at 7:31 pm #

      Welcome back Stefaan. Thanks for your comment!

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