Old meets new. Nissan campervans.

29 Mar

nissan vanette cargoDCFC0051.JPG

Whilst picking up yet more building materials on Friday, I met up with a chap driving a converted Nissan Vanette Cargo. I parked alongside and we had a quick chat. His van, a “Star” with raising roof, had a fore and aft side sofa opposite a kitchen with side cabinets on the nearside. It was in lovely condition and he got it for just £2,000 ! It looked a real bargain to me. He had bought a few weeks before and is currently holidaying in Wales for the first time. He had bought an awning for £45 from ebay. The photo shows a similar base vehicle to his. The mid-engine Vanette handles quite nicely. There were two facelifts and even an LDV re-badged version. He had owned classic VW’s before but found the running costs to be high and the performance not so good. Let’s hope that this camper runs as good as it looks. It brightened up another busy unscheduled working day !


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