To lend or not to lend? That is the Question.

23 Mar

nv200 towbar
thule bike rack

“Dad, can the kamper carry two bikes?”. A good question. The van is indeed equipped to carry three bikes via a Thule (pron Toola (I believe)), towball mounted rack not too dissimilar to that above. It fits comfortably on the Thule towbar (pron Toe Barr)). We used it on our previous Motor home and it did a sterling job.
My son wants to take his girlfriend cycling. (It’s my fault, I introduced him to cycling at a young age. He wore out the nylon bearings on his first tiny Wolfcub bike , riding round and round the Lac de Maine , Angers, France. Swynerton’s bike shop could not believe it. No one had done such mileages before!
Of course, I will loan the Kamper to him. But he will have to commit to not thrashing it! It does not need to be thrashed. It makes good progress using just 2,000 rpm and the 6 speed gearbox.
Years ago I had a 17 year old mate who used to drive his Dad’s Daimler V12. He was trusted. He never crashed it. He did however achieve very high speeds on the roads of North Staffordshire !
Am I mad or I am I mad to do this ?
Daimler Double-Six Coupe
This one is a Coupe. Only 400 sold in UK I believe. “Brooksey, are you out there reading this?”


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