First test of tunnel tent

15 Mar


This is the actual tunnel tent that we bought yesterday for a tiny amount! It is not as grand as the example photo I posted yesterday but incredible value for money! I am not experienced in putting up tents and this one was made even more difficult because the instructions, which were quite poor anyway, were in Hungarian! Hence the low price no doubt! LOL.
I used Google translation to at least give me a guide. On the first word, Google detected the language as Estonian but changed it’s decision to Hungarian once a sentence was typed into the box. It could not translate all the words typed and at one point, I had two four letter swear words in my English translation box. One of the words could definitely have referred to the instructions. (see French ” Merde”). The other swear word was muttered by myself several times when I got around to putting up the tent.
It took me about an hour to actually put it up. I did make written instructions and a couple of sketches in case my son borrows it.(Told you I was inexperienced at this stuff……..). The end result was however quite pleasing. Despite the freakish high wind which had crept in suddenly during this time, the tent itself (Outlander Geo 6) was impressive. A huge enclosed space with an inner tent with three compartments, each with sown in groundsheet and insect mesh curtains. Lots of ventilation and extra spare tie cords.


Conclusions : 1. I am terrible at putting up tents and awnings due to chronic impatience. 2. This tent is a bargain. Well made for the price to put it mildly. 3. Not the most stable in the wind but that is compared to an all year round, heavy duty Raclet caravan awning with steel frame. 4. This tent is a good alternative for use with the kamper, the caravan or as a warm weather camping tent. It should do a good job in Angers in June


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