A good dry and warm day for waterproofing roof textile.

9 Mar


Today we have had the warmest of the year so far. Weather is calm and sunny, so I took the opportunity to waterproof the raising roof with “Storm” waterproofer. Martin, a regular contributor to this blog warned of leaking on his Drivelodge roof. We have never had our roof up in the rain and so before we even commence wet weather camping it was time to prepare the roofing material just in case. The “Storm” waterproofer is a clear, water -like fluid which is brushed onto the material. I was particularly careful to get the stitched areas well sealed. The standard of stitching on my roof was excellent. As good as on an expensive tent. The treatment is quite strong in odour (like a solvent smell) and dried quite quickly , meaning some care was needed not to miss any areas. So working methodically, from large step ladders , it did not take long. I removed the cushions and used doubled up dust sheets to protect the felted roof of the cab and other decorative patches. Once dry, it is difficult to tell that the job has been done. The material perhaps feels a little more slippery to the touch. I also took the opportunity to clean and wax the usually hidden painted areas under the roof lip and around the hinges and mechanism. Another job box ticked ! Oh, it took 300 to 400 ml from a litre bottle to treat inside and outside of the roof fabric.


One Response to “A good dry and warm day for waterproofing roof textile.”

  1. martin mcdowall March 10, 2014 at 8:26 pm #

    glad to see you got your proofing done duncan. we have decided to purchase a kampa cosy roof cover to sort out our roof. this covers the whole roof so no leaks and it means we can use it in the scottish winters. eventually a high top for the berlingo would make her an all season van. cheers.

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