Response to comments immediately below

24 Dec

First, thanks for the comments below from Daz and Phillipe ,welcome back !Glad you like the Kamper, Daz ! Your link is fascinating Phillipe !
Hoping that Rolfe will give more feedback on the Nevada after he picks up his new tyres in day or so.

The map shows the Tour proposed by Nano from (please visit the website)
I have codged together a rough translation of the Tour in brief.
“As many others have done (before), this year we’re going down to spend New Year’s Eve in the desert (that’s the plan), initially from 25/12 to 06/01, but these dates would be minimal … trying to get 31/12 at Merzugoa overnight for New Year’s Eve (and a classic) we have never done (previously)

The route we had planned was circular down inside and go up the coast(al) classic, (with guidance) from you who have made Morocco a thousand times …

Needless to say that all, he or she who wants to join the route or for part of it, will be well received.”

Gracias a Nano. Pido disculpas por la mala traducción de Español. Buena suerte con su gira de inspiración!
Warmest regards on Christmas Eve, Dinkum

Safe journey, Daz on your forthcoming NV200 French run. Over 2,500km+ to Massif Central and the French Alps. Have a great trip !


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