Plan for the Blog

18 Dec


A video tour of the Dinkum Kamper (Nevada)

More Dash Cam footage as it becomes available.

A breakdown of the costs overall.

Retrofit of Cruise control.

Reviews of overnight usage in Winter and Towing a small Caravan.

Inclusion of a Forum where you can raise topics and communicate with other contributors.


2 Responses to “Plan for the Blog”

  1. mrtc December 19, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Loving your camper and your blog.

    With you not having the evalia nv200. You dont have the opening rear side windows. Have you thought of having cab door wind deflectors for ventilation well not sure how much ventilation it would produce.

    • matthew December 20, 2013 at 5:20 am #

      Wow. Such a small van. Huge results.

      Id love one but i will have to do it bit by bit. Lol.

      Have you got the reversing camera as id love to see a pic of the dash with the rear view on. I can afford the van, my car is paid for and i have savings. But will then have to wait to save for the conversion. It will be my only vehicle but i think it will be ok as im not a boy racer, my friends say im like captain slow off topgear. I guess its ok in multi storey carparks etc. The glove box doesnt seem to have a lid but ive seen some left hand drives with lids. I know that wont fit so i will be searching for one. I want a camper not so i can do any huge round the world things. More so i can just enjoying life driving round the lovely uk. First place i want to go is gaihloch. I reccomend it. Nothing there just beauty

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