A first test video footage from Dinkum’s Dash cam

15 Dec

technical difficulties

Talk about Technical issues ! After downloading some video from the dash Cam to the laptop and then editing it to a short enough sample for publishing, it took a while to convert from the Windows Live Video Editor to wmv format for YouTube and/or Vimeo. Then had huge issues with Google attaching my gmail details to You Tube. So bad, that I gave up in the end and used my Hotmail address instead. Still could not use the actual Hotmail address I wanted to due to issues with Microsoft outlook. Gordon Bennett ! Not everyone wants links to all the social websites etc. Any how, managed to publish a short test film of around 3 minutes duration on VIMEO.
upload to internet
It is purely that, a test film to show what a GS8000L dash cam can do in low light, wintry conditions. No big events captured but we did run up behind a very slow 4 x 4 which was eventually overtaken, big style by a Mercedes, making good progress, shall we say. Ahem……
The film may be of some interest to our Continental contributors and readers, some of whom are expecting to visit next year. On a small scale you can experience a short drive in middle England. Hopefully more involving and dramatic footage will follow over the coming months. Hopefully not directly involving Dinkum’s Kamper! Patience will be rewarded

please see http://vimeo.com/81938873 you will need Adobe Flash Player to watch, although Vimeo does not state the requirements for watching.

enjoy the show


One Response to “A first test video footage from Dinkum’s Dash cam”

  1. stefaan December 16, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    A nice idea to drive on the left side off the road šŸ˜‰

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