This is what happens when you have a Nissan nv200 camper

8 Dec

I thought that this was worth posting. Tonight’s sunset over “Chateaux Dinkum” . When you are camping, these sunsets become so much more obvious. Don’t you think ?.cannot wait to get away for an overnighter. Still got to finish the curtains. Really cheesed off about this. We could have had ’em finished and delivered from Drivelodge weeks ago…….. but no, “we” want the grey textile “we” want. Going to complete these tomorrow come what may!
Perhaps my father’s chauvinistic advice was correct! Sorry ladies! But what is it with women and textiles???????? A curtain is a curtain. Shurely??? Cannot sleep in a campervan with no b—-y curtains. Anyway, not a bad sunset is it? On a lighter note.Discovered a new nightcap. Atholl Brose. A Scottish whisky liqueur. Going to get some for the family to try at Christmas.Or make my own. Lots of recipes on the net. Cheers!

Got lots to do. Still need to post a breakdown of all the costs. Need to publish the video tour. Got to properly try out the van actually sleeping in it and report on it. (I just know that it’s going to be sooooo comfy though ! Promise to catch up with more nv200 campervan specific stuff


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