A Dash Cam for Christmas for the Kamper

6 Dec

Dash cam GS8000L

I have been watching dash cam footage on You Tube, mainly from Russia. They show some crazy driving including driving under the influence of alcohol and worse! Apparently 1 in 3 cars in Russia are now fitted with dash cams which offer “black box” type evidence in case of road traffic “accident”. Also there is an issue in Russia with insurance. What we know as comprehensive cover is around 10 times the cost of third party only. This puts huge pressure on proving liability with the insurance company. Hence dash cams fitted to provide the evidence. As an aside, the large number of recordings can be a source of great entertainment. Example the recent multi-angle video of the meteorite and impact in Russia. This gave useful data on rarely seen footage. In England, I have rarely travelled more than a mile to the first junction out of the village before I witness some shoddy driving behaviour. Usually petty (?) stuff, like not slowing down for horses. Actually a very serious offence in my book, but you get the idea. I am fitting a dash cam to Dinkum’s Kamper and hope to publish some interesting video. Just awaiting a new 32GB TF memory card and then I can try it out. My wife already wants to check out our mad cat, at night in the dark with the motion sensor function and infra-red LED’s for night vision but we can do this with our existing Panasonic Vid cam. The reviews of the dash cam say that the night vision is not needed as the recording quality is well up to viewing/recording from the headlights on normal daytime viewing mode. We shall see. Have you got one? Please put your comments forward below.
Catch that roadrunner on video and win a goldfish……………….
Please: Always slow down for horses!


2 Responses to “A Dash Cam for Christmas for the Kamper”

  1. mrtc December 7, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    The cameras are a great thing to have. A friend had one fitted and it recorded the head on collision on dividy road. caused by a driver who had no insurance and was banned from driving. It was a very scary video

    • Dinkum December 7, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

      I am hoping that I don’t ever need the evidence from a dash cam. But you are absolutely right ! Dividy Road ? I know it well. We used to live at Park Hall. LOL

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