New destination and some nostalgia.

21 Nov

newborough forest

Just phoned a dear old friend and made arrangements to call in to see him and his wife. They live near Bangor, North Wales. We have another new friend there too. These folk are not in the bloom of youth, shall we say, but they put us to shame. At 80 years old our first friend has just completed yet another project, replacing the lead in the numerous (Welsh….. ) valleys on his complex cottage roof. The other, newer friend climbs mountains and flies an airplane. Not to be confused with our other acquaintance from Tennessee who flies daily in his home made plane. He’s about 80 years old too !
Bangor is just across the Menai Straits from our favourite Island, Angelsey. I have been going there since I was a very young boy when we camped in an old army tent from a Ford Prefect. Newborough Forest is a must for us with our bikes as per the photo above which shows one of our previous motorhomes ( Excalibur on Talbot Express) and my late parents’ much loved Bedford CF Orlando.

bedford cf camper brew up

What better way to have a cuppa ! Pic shows my late mother brewing up for my father somewhere in Europe. ” Make us a cuppa Char , Ma !”

Motorhomes and campervans provide for the perfect base to make you own memories. Great Fun.

jack moffat

This photo shows my younger brother in 1974 on the beach in Red Wharf Bay, Angelsey. The sleeping gentleman is the late Jack Moffat, known as “Moff” to his friends. He did not take fools lightly and my brother would have had one massive shock if he had actually dumped that stuff on Moff’s head. He was a very capable and practical man. He taught me to repair cars when I was aged just 12 years old. His patience and faith in me has put food on our tables for years when times were hard. A giant of a man despite his shortness of stature! Still missed


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