USB aux Port restored. Music Maestro please.

14 Nov


The Nevada came back from the convertors with the “innards” missing from the USB aux Port which is located between the seats in the storage box. I did not find this out for some time until I loaded more tracks onto my USB and tried to play them back in the cab.
On this camper, in order to keep the new swivelling cab seat heights as close as possible to standard, the centre box was cut down and the box itself modified along with the handbrake to allow the seats to turn to face the rear habitation area. Somewhere along the way the USB port went missing.
After consulting with James at Drivelodge, I ordered the part from Nissan and within 36 hours it was ready to collect from Holdcrofts, Stoke. Drivelodge say that they will pay the £34 something it cost. Which is nice ! Thanks in advance. The part is a bit fiddly to replace. The port itself has to be fitted into it’s housing before offering the housing up to the mountings. The cable then has to be connected in situ and the whole thing carefully lowered into place and slid backwards into the metal mounting frame. The cable has to carefully routed for clearance


The swivel seat mechanisms from our German friends at zooom ( shown above see )do not appear to require modifications to the centre storage box. This must mean that the converted seats sit much higher than standard. According to my measurements (gulp !) this would be 55mm to 60mm higher squab. Must be OK?


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