Insulated Cab window blinds for nv200

9 Nov


Bought a 3 piece “sunscreen” set from ebay for less than £32. Intended for truck/lorry/van or motorhome, the sizeable, silver-backed and insulated sheet panels are big enough to cover the 3 cab windows and the two rear door windows. If you copy this be careful to insulate around the heated rear screen connectors to prevent a possible electrical short


Made a paper template, then cutout for the cab door windows. We will be using curtains in addition plus we have an external windscreen cover for a multi layer insulation. Should not be an issue with the 2kw gas central heating


The holes in the silver panels take cheap looking but surprisingly effective suckers to stick to the glass. The holes are not in ideal places due to how the template had to be cut from the originals. It all stays in place though.

Inside the cab, the screens effectively blackout the light for that lie in on bright sunny days of leisure . There are 5 panels for the cab including those for the two small triangular windows. Our camper has the two “French” rear doors not the liftup Evalia type barn door and so two more panels for those. The whole lot bundles up into a very lightweight package for storage.


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